OD Recruitment Reimagined

We provide you with a wealth of data points to reach your OD in-time while focusing on your recruitment playbook.

Powerful, yet simple

ODScout is an innovative online platform offering Optometry recruiters with a simple, yet powerful, solution to identifying Optometrists in any US state and connecting with them.


Get setup quickly

From first touch to full funnel. Login and instantly connect with new leads.

Identify Trends

Stay one step ahead

Using tools like OD alert, you will be the first to know about new licensures that can fill open requisitions.

Improve Efficiency

Making the best use of your time is critical

OD Scout can help! Source across all 50 states in one platform.

Mitigate Risks

Recruiting is a complex task

OD Scout can help you spot potential licensure issues or disciplinary action before you begin the hiring and credentialing process.

Dynamic Data with Daily updates

Still sourcing from a stagnant printed list or PDF?

Rather than spending your time updating spreadsheets, you can focus on discovering new leads and insights that are always up to date and current.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your workflow.

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